Friday, July 12, 2013

My milkshake brings all them boys to the yard ;)

Hi everyone! The title is a bit if a fun one :) if you we're singing along then props to you :D . I have to say man, this is one of my childhood songs..

So I've just invented a smoothie/yogurt! Hurrah! This is probably the first which I can say is truly my idea and what can I say.. It's Delish (delicious). I'm thinking of calling it smoosh moosh ! Anyways so this smoothie/yogurt is made up of avocados, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, Greek yogurt, and I think that's it ... 

The recipe:
- 1 avocado (if you would like it more like a yogurt and a 1/2 more)
- 1 ripe banana
- 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries
- 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries (plus extra for garnishing)
- a regular tablespoon of Greek yogurt

Chuck all the ingredients in the blender and Ta-Da!!! It can be a huge portion for one or two average sized portions ;) 

Because it has avocado, it makes it extra creamy and quite similar to yogurt! It is a great option for breakfast with muesli! It is also really healthy (full of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins), really filling and a low GI! I am definitely going to try this again for breakfast soon!

Lots of hugs,
Littlemissarianna x

Ps. Do you guys like my new design? I love it! Comment your opinions down below :D

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