Weekly Obsessions Update

Hey all :) I've decided to make this page to let you guys in on some of my weekly obsessions!!! I hope I'm not too predictable and boring :/ ... Enjoy.

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna xx

Hi, just to let everyone know I've decided to stop continuing this <3

September <3

4th Week :)
~Song: Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson (Yes I'm making it comeback!)
~Fashion Obsession: Doc Martens with skirts from Dr. Martens (I'm not exactly sure. hmm) and skirts from anywhere but Brandy Melville ones are cute.
~Drink: Echinacea Tea from Yogi tea
~App: Ios 7 by Apple (I'm cheating but I just updated it today, and it looks quite ugly but some things are super cool!)
~Product: Vitalis from Vitalis

3rd Week :)
~Song: Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey
~Fashion Obsession: Preppy Knit Sweaters from Anywhere really
~Drink: Green Tea from Alokozay
~App: Snapchat by Snapchat
~Product: Vicks from Idk. (I'm sick btw which explains this a tad more)

2nd Week :)

~Song: Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey
~Fashion Obsession: Tights under skirts from The Street
~Drink: Oat Milk from err... -.-" (Trying different alternatives)
~App: Youtube by Google (I really like the new format!!)
~Product: Apple Cider Lip Chapstick from Lip Smacker

1st Week :)
~Song: Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey
~Fashion Obsession: Boyfriend Jeans from Levi's
~Drink: Almond Milk from Alpro (SO good wahhh)
~App: Blogger by Google
~Product: White Blueberry Eye Makeup Pencil from Lumene

August <3
4th Week :)
~Song: Roar by Katy Perry
~Fashion Obsession: Sky High Heels (Literally!) from H&M
~Drink: Water 
~App: Still Snapchat by Snapchat
~Product: Bountiful Brown Eyeliner by M.A.C.

3rd Week :)
~Song: Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
~Fashion Obsession: Boyfriend Jackets
~Drink: Aloe Vera Natural Drink from can't remember but you can get it from Arnold's for €2.50)
~App: Snapchat by Snapchat
~Product: Stays No Matter What Eyeliner in brown from Essence (it DOES stay no matter what)

2nd Week :)
~Song: 1901 by Phoenix
~Fashion Obsession: Oversized Sunglasses (Mary-kate and Ashley style)
~Drink: Water from good ole nature (lol)
~App: Shazam by Shazam
~Product: Tinted Moisturizer in shade 2 from  Lumene

1st Week :)
~Song: Reunited by Peaches and Herbs (So catchy!!)
~Fashion Obsession: Middle Partings
~Drink: Soya Bean Drink from Yeo's (I'm seriously craving Mr. Bean's in Singapore wahhh)
~App: BlogLovin by BlogLovin
~Product: Length and Strength Shampoo from Garnier

July <3
4th Week :)
~Song: It's a Beautiful Day by Michael Buble (Somehow it looks weird without the accent)
~Fashion Obsession: Pastel Nails in any shade from Essie
~Drink: Ice Lemon Tea from Nestea (Nothing can beat this.)
~App: BlogLovin by BlogLovin
~Product: Classic Carmax Lip Balm from Carmax (wanna keep those lips moist)

3rd Week :)
~Song: Kokomo by Beach Boys <3
~Fashion Obsession: ClassicWhite T-Shirts from Everywhere basically 
~Drink: Ice Lemon Tea from Nestea
~App: Allwomenstalk by Allwomenstalk
~Product: Natural Body Deodarant from Crystal Fresh (summer=hot=body odour!! Kill them quick ;) )

2nd Week :)
~Song: Brokenhearted by Karmin
~Fashion Obsession: Circle/Curved Sunglasses from H&M (but you can get them in other places too!)
~Drink: Coconut Juice with Roasted Pulp from Ice Cool
~App: YouTube by Google (They bought YouTube right?)
~Product: Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Omega Nutrition

1st Week :)
~Song: Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon
~Fashion Obsession: Denim lookalike Dresses from H&M
~Drink: Raspberry Heaven Smoothie from Arnolds
~App: Wattpad by Wattpad (?!)
~Product: Twist-Up Gloss Stick in To Lovely Lavender from Isadora

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