Sunday, September 29, 2013

Autumn Rules

Okay so it's autumn. Slightly colder than summer, slightly warmer than winter. These are a few "rules" I follow, that keep me energised and help my skin!

Rule 1: Don't be afraid to wash your face.
No this sounds like a pretty obvious step but some girls do not do this! This is like the basics.. If you do want to develop a good foundation (not the makeup but like the base of a structure) for your skin, you need to wash your face. It cleans your pores, takes of dead skin cells and overall makes your face look fresher! I use Seba Med's foaming face wash and I personally really like it. It keeps your skin to it's natural PH level (which is 5.5 by the way if you didn't know)... And I'm not saying to go out and buy this as everyone's skin is different but this is what works for me. It will take lots of trial and error and spending money to find out this so dont worry if you havent found the perfect one for you yet!

Rule 2: Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturiseeeee.
Where I live (the north pole-- no just Finland) it does get quite dry so make sure to bring lotion with you everywhere! In my school bag I always have a body lotion and a thick Cath Kidston hand cream (which is divine *swoon) and a Vitalis (this is a traditional finnish lip balm thingy..)

Rule 3: Bottoms Up.
Okay so now that its starting to get colder, I drink water and tea. A LOT. Previously I only drank Jasmine or Green Tea but I found others which I enjoy! Hashtag #Proud. (<this is an ongoing joke with me and my brothers). Tea keeps me really warm and is healthy for you (well the ones I drink anyway..). Drinking hot drinks (sounds repetitive ugh) keeps you warm and rehydrated. Drink lots of fluids will help keep your skin clear and you healthy! Ooh. I forgot HOT CHOCOLATE! This is the right season to start!

Rule 4: Don't die cold-- Layer!
Lots of people (uhm girls) really don't dress warm. I understand some people have a low temperature threshold however seriously?! I feel like shouting, "You CAN look good and be warm girls". Thats how annoyed I get. -.-!!! Autumn, specifically september is flu season. 75% of you will get sick. And you won't wanna die cold. Layer Layer is my rule. Wear a tank top underneath your shirts, or a sweater, then a jumper, then a coat! Honestly you can pull it off! You feel and look amazing!

Rule 5: Play with the leaves!
This is my favourite season, especially because you can play with leaves. Figuratively speaking of course. You can seriously play for 5 hours without looking like a hot mess( = you won't sweat like a pig!). Lol. But seriously, have fun. Regardless of the season, its always nice to let your hair down and relax or go play. Age is not an excuse! Seriously, this year I have stopped caring what anyone thinks and just began to enjoy myself, enjoy life.

Lots of hugs + hot chocolate,

ps. So sorry this post is bleurgh. I don't why it didn't feel "right".

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You are NOT a sketch

Hey guys.

Today I'm going to be blogging about a serious topic which is affecting girls today. This is the theme of my art project and I found a campaign which I wanted to share with y'all. The meaning behind this is really strong and I feel that all girls should be aware of this.

This campaign is fighting anorexia which is mainly caused by certain aspects of the media and fashion industry. Models today are 20% thinner than they were in the 2000's. Why is this? It is normal today to feel unperfect or ugly just because they do not look like models. But who are you to define what is perfect? And who are you to define what is not perfect?

When a teenage girl looks into a magazine, she subconsciously thinks that the images there are a mirror image of how she is supposed to look like. Additionally, fashion designers are designing clothes for thinner and thinner frames and some size zero models are not considered thin enough! Is thin: bones sticking out, vomiting after eating and having sallow unhealthy skin? 

The "You are Not a Sketch" campaign fights anorexia (e.g. anorexia nervosa and bulimia). On the right is a fashion design sketch which looks beautiful and shows the "perfect" shape. However if you change that sketch into an actual image, notice how horrifying and sickly this poor girl looks. Her bones are almost popping out of her skin. Her waist is almost half of her hips!

These images are so powerful as they can express to you what words cannot. After all you can interpret an image in any way you want. 

We all have doubts and insecurities about our own body. Sure I would like to have smaller thighs and a flatter stomach. Yes I would like to invent something that melts fat. But please do not fall to these desperate measures. Do not fall down the rabbit hole. Please do not starve yourself. Everyone is beautiful the way they are. We have to embrace who we are and flaunt it. 

Yes it might take time. But there is a lot of time in life. It's just takes one step at a time. Every morning just repeating to yourself, "I AM BEAUTIFUL" will make a difference. Believe in it. Believe in you. If you don't stick up for yourself, who will?
If we want to change how our society thinks, the time is now.

lots of hugs,

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What I Drink! + Skinny Smoothie

Hi Everyone!

So I have quite a few of requests to do more "skinny" snacks and blog about them! This is something I'm quite interested in and love finding really yummy recipes which are also healthy. So it's a double win.

At home I mostly drink water and milk. That's all. No soda. No pop. No bottled juice. Definitely no energy drinks. No caffeine. My only exceptions are fresh juice or smoothies, maybe some tea, 100% natural aloe vera water and... maybe a sip of my brother's drink. But that's quite rare as 1. He is extremely stingy about his food and 2. The drinks he likes are really sugary and puts me off.

I think that if you want to start a healthy lifestyle, this is step 1. It's really simple but effective. (As Harry Styles would say ;)). It was a really easy step for me to take and now I feel better about myself and feel quite accomplished. The next step for me is to cut down dessert--and I have been following this but recently my mum has been on a baking spree so I've been eating quite a few slices -.-". Guilty as charged. >.< .

This is a really simple smoothie to make and is quite filling. The smoothie is quite good for when it's not lunch or dinner time yet and you really need something to curb your hunger. What you need are:
- 1 crumbled Belvita biscuit (More details below)
- 2 large Avocados (Or 3 small ones)
- 1 tbsp of Yogurt
- 1 tsp of Honey
- 4 cubes of Ice

That's the main ingredients of the smoothie but you can choose to add more ingredients if you like! I like adding:
- 1 handful of frozen raspberries (If they're in season in your country you can use fresh ones too)
- 1 mandarin (or half a regular orange)
- 1 diced apple
- Half a banana
- Mango

So first thing is to cut the avocado! I have to say that I'm a pro at this, I find it really fun to do >.<... A trick my mum taught me is the slice the avocado vertically in half. Because there is the seed in the middle, just turn your knife around the seed. Once you've gone in a full circle, the two halves should just come out easily. Next hit your knife on the seed until it gets stuck, then slowly turn the knife and pull it out. The avocado seed should come out with it. Here's a picture of what it looks like below:

Next, just chuck everything into the blender keeping the Belvita Biscuit and Ice last. I put the Belvita into a 'ziploc' and then hit it with a rolling pin. Once the rest of the smoothie is smooth, put in the Belvita and blend it. Once you think everything is done, insert the ice in a glass and pour in the smoothie :).

I really like this smoothie as it's quite simple but is yummy (well at least I think so). The addition of the Belvita, really fills you up so you aren't hungry. Avocados are one of my favourite fruits so I have them in the house a lot and this smoothie is a good way to use them up :) If you don't like the consistency of the smoothie, you can add milk to make it more liquidly or more yogurt to thicken it up!

I apologise... I forgot to take pictures :(... But I did find a picture that looks exactly what the smoothie looks like online:

So I hope you do try out this smoothie as its super healthy and a good snack when you are craving something :)

Lots of hugs,

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Cheekbone Exercises

Hey guys!

So, my last post was a new format which I was trying out :) I'm not quite sure about it, what do you guys think? I received a comment which I haven't replied to yet, but I will, which encouraged me to post faster :) So thank her everybody :D

This post is about cheekbone exercises. We've all read about it, but have been skeptical. I've done the research and this is the simplest and most effective which claims to work. So for y'all, I've broken it down to the 3 steps below:
I do this about 4 times everyday (when I do remember) and no changes has happened yet. Keyword being yet. But i'm highly doubtful. It doesn't work however there's no harm in trying right?

Lots of Hugs,

Friday, September 06, 2013

The Natural Solution to a Shiny Face

Oily or shiny face? This a no makeup solution
It's a natural way to keep things under control
Ready for the autumn, fresh, matte face
Dry brush your face for about 30 seconds lightly in circular motions
If still oily?
Apply a small amount of baby powder on your hands
Then dust on your face
That's all.

Lots of Hugs,

ps. This is a new format of uploading.. Yay or Nay?