Sunday, July 07, 2013

Go-to Summer Hairstyle(s)

Hi everyone! So today I wanted to share with you all my ... go-to summer hairstyle(s <-- plural)! Basically these are the hairstyles that you can just "throw on" any time feel comfortable, yet still fabulous. They should also be quite simple to do.

So my TOP of the POP WOP hairstyle that I'm rocking right now is... A Ponytail Braid! So the first step is to make a high ponytail and secure it with a band. Next gather your hair from the ponytail, separate into 3 pieces, then braid normally! TA-DAA! Super Simple :) ! For me this is my new favourite, especially because sometimes I just can't be bothered with my long hair :/ .

Next  is a Top Knot (or high bun-- whatevs you call it). Now this is one of the (wait for it...) "IT" hairstyles of the year. Being a ballerina (lollers- it sounds so odd :P), this is normally what I did every day for school last year. If you're hair is in one of those moods and is just NOT cooperating, this is the hairstyle for you. It looks super funky and chic, matches any outfit and is sooooo easy to do. The first step is to gather up all your hair at the height you want the bun to be. Next DO NOT secure it with a band and just start twisting it out away from your head. When your hair just can't be twisted anymore, start wrapping it around the base of the twist and secure with a tight band. And THAT's IT!

My last but not least go to hairstyles for summer is just a simple Side Braid. This is possibly one of the easiest hairstyles of all time that look impressive. Bring all your hair to your desired braid side. Next seperate into 3, and start braiding normally! Secure with a small band and DONE! Now this might be slightly harder if you have layers like me, but it also looks nice 'messy' ... so just do a loose floppy braid to make your layers poke out less obvious.

Okay! So these are my three Go-to Summer Hairstyle(s)... I hope the instructions aren't that difficult to follow, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them below :) And I hope you do try them out as they are so so so easy and look gorgeous! It would be awesome if you could also comment down below what YOUR Go-to Summer Hairstyle(s) are!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

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