Who is Arianna?

Hi you! 

You can probably guess from my blog name that my name is Arianna. I am half Welsh and half Singaporean (and a mix) ;) . I currently live in Finland with my extraordinary family. It's interesting to say the least...  My interests include beauty, fashion, ballet, reading, baking, playing the piano, blogging and stalking my favourite celebrities and models online in between (hee hee).

The main point of this blog is to share my interests, obsessions and thoughts on anything and everything that is worth talking about. During this process, I also hope to inspire and help other girls (OR guys)! I feel that most can relate to me easily and vice versa... We teens should stick together--because we all know how hard it can get :') .  

If you are reading this, I thank you for visiting my blog and hope you will follow my process of finding myself.

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x


  1. you are truly an inspiration! xx

    1. Thank You! You're the first to say that to me (it feels so nice >.< ) Thanks for checking out my blog x littlemissarianna