Monday, July 01, 2013

My 5 Aims for the Summer {TAG}

It's summer, the time for relaxing and doing whatever you want- whenever you want. But June has already come and gone... and it made me realise that there was only one more month left of summer. More or less, I've had an EPIPHANY (click on the link if you're not quite sure what it means) to complete 5 tasks by the end of July. These tasks are completely random and were all thought of at 1 am, so please excuse any bad grammar :)

1. Start and maintain a blog...
So here it is, the main reason why I started this blog that YOU are now reading! :)

2. Find my perfect lipstick/lipgloss shade...
Yes I am such a girl. But recently I've gone shopping with my girls for some of that lip popping locking colour and could not find a SINGLE shade that suited me!!! So I'm set on findin myself the "perfect" fun lipstick/lipgloss shade for little ole' me.

3. Go rollerblading...
When I was younger, I have to say I was quite the pro at rollerblading... not really. (-.-)" BUT I have recently found my old skates in the garage and I am bent on learning how to roller blade again .

4. Sticking to the Blogilates beginners exercise calender...
I'm sure most of you have heard of Blogilates before- if you haven't please, I'm telling you please for you and your body's sake, just click the link. Blogilates videos are such a fun and, may I say, fabulous way to motivate yourself to keep fit. Cassey Ho has also made monthly calenders to tell you which exercises will help achieve your dream body! Lately I've been skipping out numerous days and honestly haven't really been exercising this summer, which is exactly why this is one of my aims for the summer!

5. Go lake swimming...
Having just recently moved to Finland (okay not really-- I've been here for a year) lake swimming is one of the 'things to do here' (I wouldn't necessarily call it a "tradition"). As there are more than many lakes scattered around the country, it should be quite easy to accomplish :) .

So these are my five aims, and I definitely tag and recommend every single one of you reading this--yes you, to create your own list! If you would like, comment your opinions, thoughts and questions of my list below! Also, feel free to comment your own list! Basically the point of completing these tasks is to feel as if you've achieved and accomplished something new this summer. Hopefully, you and I will. ;)

a thousand hugs,
littlemissarianna x


  1. Personally, i think you've done a great job with your aims. and i really hope you continue with these blogposts! i look forward to them, i really do! you write really well, just wondering any aims of being a journalist/writer in the future? amazing talent you have x

    1. Thank you!! Yes I've considered working in the journalism industry but nothings set in stone yet-- I'm only 14 after all... ;) But thank you for checking out my blog and for commenting! It's nice to know someone's reading x littlemissarianna