Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Centre Part is Back in Town

Hey guys!

So we all know how the centre part was all the rage last year and it seems like this Autumn, it's making it's come back. I remember trying out the oh-so-sophisticated part last year but it just wasn't working. But will this part work for you???

For those of you with round or square face shapes, this part will definitely work for you--no questions asked.

For those with diamond, heart, triangle (or pear) shaped faces, a more suitable take on this trend is an off-centre part. For example in the picture (>>) my part is slightly off-centre but still gives the effect off a middle parting.

For those with oblong or oval shaped faces, a middle part does work but will lengthen your face. For those who want to avoid that, a tip is to twirl the front strands of your hair outwards to create a windswept (look at the picture>>).

Another way to wear this trend that all face shapes can work, is to part your hair in the centre and then braid the front strands outward on either side of your face. This opens up your face and is similar to a half updo. If you want to make this hairstyle look softer, pull out a couple strands of hair around the face, braid your hair looser or curl the hair rest of the hair. You can even add some flowers or beads to spice it up a little!

Well these are my interpretations of the upcoming centre part, what's yours? Comment them down below <3 What are your thoughts on the centre part?? Yay or nay?

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Ps. I finally figured out where to edit my pics, they still look pretty crappy but I'm working on it!! :D

Monday, July 29, 2013

Can't sleep!!!

Hey guys!

I am writing this at the wee hours of 7:00 in the morning :/ . Yes tell me about it! (if there are any mistakes in my grammar or spelling that is why!) I woke up at about 5 and just could not fall back asleep.. UGH. Sometimes I wish I inherited my mum's sleeping habits because she can fall asleep almost any time, any place. But not me.

I've actually had a lot of trouble falling asleep recently. The whole of June I had been sleeping very late (around 1 am) and due to my recent bad sleeping habits, I've gotten these massive eye bags. Now I am trying to gradually fall back into my regular sleeping pattern in time for school but so far no luck :( . I'm usually tossing and turning in my bed for an hour or two before I eventually fall asleep... And even then it's not a deep sleep so when I wake up I feel exhausted :( .

If you have any tips on falling asleep or getting rid of eye bags please please (I'm begging you) comment them down below! And here's a pic of me in all my morning glory >>

lots of hugs,
sleep deprived littlemissarianna x

Sunday, July 28, 2013

4 School Outfit Rules Every Girl Should Follow

Hi guys!

So as we all know, summer is ending  and school will be starting again :( . As much as I dread this time of the year, I'm also quite excited to find out if any new students are coming this year! My school starts in about a week and a half, which might seem like a long time but will be gone before you know it. This post will be showing some basic school outfit ideas...

The schools in Finland don't have uniforms and there are only a few dress code rules:
1. You can't expose your midriff
2. No hats indoors
3. Your skirt/shorts/pants must be longer than where your arms are straight down.
4. Your top must be thicker than three fingers (aka no spaghetti straps)

So those are basically are my schools dress code rules and I know some other schools which have even LESS rules!

So my first tip is to be comfortable. Trust me. I've had those days where I'm dressed to a T in these massive heels or a top that needs to be adjusted about every 5 seconds. It ain't fun *shakes head. But that doesn't mean you can't be comfortable and look like a million bucks! Sometimes you just need to compromise, for example I have this adorable bunny collared crop top that looks amazing, but I play it down slightly by wearing super dark denim jeans. SO I look good AND feel good. Most importantly, your shoes should be comfortable as you will be walking about all day!!

My second tip is PLEASE follow the 2 week rule! For those who do not know, the rule is basically not to repeat wearing the same clothes within two weeks. It's a preettyy simple rule huh? But why does hardly anyone follow it? Just to clarify, this doesn't apply to accessories, jeans, leggings and outerwear as we girls don't necessarily have a Carrie Bradshaw sized wardrobe (I wish!!). I have to admit this is one of my MAJOR pet peeves. Okay I can make an exception if it's been a week, but puhlease don't wear the very next day. Some boys in my grade actually do this and I find this disgusting knowing me, I'll probably rant and lecture and moan about it throughout the whole day. Trust me you don't want that.

My third tip is more of an etiquette rule, don't diss or criticise your friends clothes. I've been on the end of this one and 1. I really don't care or giving a flying fudge what you think and 2. it gets annoying very fast. I know how easy it is to just criticise someone's appearance but please do not share your opinion if you really can't find anything nice to say. Of course, if it was my bestie asking I'd probably tell her the truth but the basic rule of the thumb is, if no one asks don't tell. A good comeback if someone is critiquing your appearance is "Exactly why I'm wearing it, not you (and then give the -.- face)".

My fourth tip is don't stress over it. Yes it doesn't hurt to look good but at the end of the day school is not a fashion show (this is the line I say to about every girl in my grade -.-"). There is no FASHION POLICE in your school, and if there is then how shallow are they?! We're in school to LEARN not to obsess over each others clothes!!!

I hope I wasn't too harsh in some of my expressions **pulls a face. So these are my four rules on outfits in school. Comment below if you agree or disagree. I welcome all thoughts and opinions :) Also, I'm in the midst of writing my 5 Summer Aim Conclusions! So comment below if you're excited to see whether I did complete all my aims!!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July Wishing

Hi everyone!

Am I the only one who creates a shopping wish list? Because recently it seems that I just want to buy soo many things and just don't want to spend that much :((( . I'm a teenager- I don't have a massive bank account! I'm not the kind of person that will just buy, buy, buy with my parents money because 1. My parents won't let me and 2. I want to be independent! Plus I have already spent about 2 (or 3) montly allowances on my summer shopping spree >.< ... the truth certainly does hurt (my bank account).

So I thought I would post some of the items that I've been wishing for on here! I made my first Polyvore-- and I have to say it looks prreeetttyy cute ;) . I don't have loads of stuff on my list, however most of the stuff I would like are pricey...

1. Delia's Midkini & Banded Hipster
The midkini is one of the recent fashion obsessions which I've been lusting over <3 .  I would never boustier's as I would be so self-conscious, but I'd make an exception for the beach ;) . I love this one with a floral print from Delia's. Unfortunately the shops in Finland don't really sell these (and if they do, look tacky and just ugh). Price: $29.50 USD (on sale)

2. Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara
Now I've recently gone 'au natural' for the whole of July. Whilst I have been lounging in my makeup free face, I've done quite a lot of research online on beauty products, their harms and benefits, which convinced me to change my beauty routine to be more organic and natural. It's quite ironic as before summer I purchase two tubes of mascara from Maybeline and Rimmel **hits head against wall. This mascars is 100% Organic, is good for your lashes and is affordable! **hits head again. But, I don't particularly need this hence it's on my wish list. Price: $9.95 USD

3. American Apparel's Medium Wash High-Waist Jean Cuff Short
Now we've all seen the pictures Miley, Kendall, Kylie and more wearing these fabulous babies. They just look uber cute and comfy. Plus I currently don't have a pair of high waisted or light wash shorts. I know I know, I'm coming in a little too late on this trend, but this is one item everyone needs for summer! Price: a whopping $58 USD!!!
4. Vaseline's Spray & Go
I love moisturizers but sometimes the hassle of putting them on is just too tiring. I've been lusting over this as soon as it came out. I'm pretty sure it's available in Finland, I just have to figure out where ;) . I think this product makes it easy to have beautiful skin in a short amount of time! Furthermore, they have three different scents so far to keep everyone's taste satisfied! :) Price: $7.59 USD

5. Loafers!
I don't have a specific brand of these in mind, but I have seen a couple from Cotton On which I like! My mum has a couple but her feet are 3 sizes bigger than mine. No she doesn't have giant feet-- mine are just tiny (35 eu or 2 1/2 uk). I think they're super comfortable and can match just about anything! Plus they are perfect for the upcoming autumn months! Price: n/a

6. Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in Flirt or Liberte
Aren't these just beautiful? I'm in love. As you all know I've been trying to find my lipstick shade which I just love and is suitable to wear everyday. I was trying these on in the ferry I took to Aland, and they're just magnificent. Of course, it's CHANEL! If someone got me these, I would be eternally grateful #justsaying #hinthint .

7. Ted Baker Purse
Last but not least are the Ted Baker purses. now I've had my eye on these since winter. I love the twist jewels at the top and Ted's pastel colour collection. If I were to buy one I would get the Patent Matinee Purse in Light Pink (which has a pastel green lining). They are to die for-- look and price wise. Price: A hefty £75 GBP (too much for a teen like me)

So these are some of the drool worthy items I've been lusting over, what are yours? Comment them down below along with your opinions on these products! If you enjoy my posts, please subscribe!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Monday, July 22, 2013

7 Things To-Do in Aland

Hi everyone! 

Summer has come, the time to fish out dusty suitcases and tattered flip flops from the bottom of your wardrobe. When choosing the perfect place to visit more often than not; Greece, Italy, Spain and Indonesia come to mind. But up in Finland, lies a quiet, rustic and relaxing holiday getaway. Located between Sweden and Finland, Aland Islands form the smallest region of Finland. Accompanied with an equally small population, the residents of the Island are friendly and welcoming. For those of you who are interested in visiting Aland here are the 7 reasons why you should!

1. Go Cycling!
There is simply no better way to explore the island! With a couple rent-a-bike shops throughout the city; it is a convenient, low priced, enjoyable mode of transport! You can explore all the nooks and corners of Aland whilst enjoying the fresh Finnish air! Plus as Aland is quite a small area, you can even cycle to other municipalities for a day trip.

2. Visit Museums!
In Aland, there are plenty of museums littered across town (literally)! Most museums are located in Mariehamn but there are a few odd ones in other municipalities. With museum exhibitions ranging from fishing to archipelago culture, art history and fire engines there is something for everyone! The exhibitions are dynamic, easy to comprehend and most importantly interesting! Plus, almost all the museums free and welcome everyone!

3. Farm Cafes!
There are many cafes in the heart of Aland which are wonderful for snacks and treats, however there are a few cafes on the outskirts Aland which are spectacular! Johannas Hembaktar is one of the few farm cafes on the island. Now this is the one thing you HAVE to visit if nothing else! Their café is located in Saltvik and is open daily from 12-18! Their fresh baked pastries and bread are just scrumptious and always leave you craving more!!! Their bestseller, a soft-meringue passion fruit curd topped with fresh strawberries, is simply divine and I would definitely recommend you to buy more than one helping >.< !

4. Trips to Different Towns!
I mentioned this slightly in the first post but I will elaborate on it more here. Like in every country each town, city or place has different traditions and shops that makes it that little bit more unique. The municipalities I recommend visiting on your holiday in Aland are Eckero, Hammarland, Saltvik and of course Mariehamn. Other municipalities are quite similar and unless you have a specific shop in mind, you might find yourself a tad bit disappoint. Once we cycled all the way to Lumparland, to find a few closed cafes and empty stables 
-.-“ .

5.Lake Swimming!
Yes the traditional Finnish past time has to show up on here sometime! Swimming in lakes provides a beautiful scenic view of the nature whilst relaxing in the cool water. What I love about swimming in lakes is that as the water isn’t salty, it doesn’t leave your hair matted and doesn’t leave a weird taste if some accidentally goes in your mouth, which is a definite plus in my books!

6. Rent a cottage!
In the rural lands of Aland, I would recommend you to avoid staying in your typical hotel and reside in Holiday Inns, Lodges, Cottages or Bed and Breakfasts.  My family and I had the most exciting time staying in a lodge in Eckero. The Lodge we stayed in had access to a beautiful lake where you could go in for a paddle, canoe, row or even fish and all for free!!! Now that is a bargain! In addition, because our lodge was in a remote area where there was no Wi-Fi we could have family bonding time! You never really know how much time you spend on the web until it’s taken away from you!

7.Svartbröd bread and Kastelholm cheese
Now this is my last but certainly not least To-Do.  Aland has their own unique archipelago black bread. The rye based bread is black, as its name suggests, round and quite flat. The taste is very unique and quite sweet. It gets its sweetness from the molass syrup. The bread is more loved and eaten by the Swedes rather than the Finnish because of it’s sweetness. The bread is generally eaten plain or with Kastelholm cheese which is also invented in Aland! Kastelholm cheese can only be found at Alands local ACA Dairy and originated from the 16th Century.

I hope you do travel to Aland as it really is a beautiful and scenic Island! If you have visited Aland, leave your thoughts and opinions below! Plus if you found this article helpful be sure to leave a comment below! If you haven’t visited Aland yet but would like to feel free to comment below as well! If you would like to see my pictures I took when I was in Aland mention that in your comment!!!

Lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Blog Lovin it

Hi everyone!

So recently I've got a Bloglovin account! Yayy! Basically Bloglovin is an easier way to view all your favourite blogs on one platform (how much simpler is that??). if you do like my blog or enjoy my posts, follow me on there!!

Click: Follow my blog with Bloglovin or the Bloglovin button on the sidebar <<

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littlemissarianna x

ps. da da dah dah da blog lovin it.... the tune to Mac Donald's I'm lovin it ;)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The DIY Bandwagon

Hey guys ;) , so today I have been oh-so-very-busy DIYing! For those of you who know me personally, I don't DIY (full stop) . I am quite artsy-crafty but for some odd reason I have never DIYed before *shrug- I've never found the time or couldn't be bothered... I got my inspiration to DIY my shorts this way from flipping thru the July edition of COMPANY magazine (>.< fave magazine)!

Okay so jumping right into it, here are all the things you need:
- A pair of shorts or jeans
- A piece of fabric you want to use (could be an old shirt etc.)
- A piece of paper
- Super Glue
- Scissors
- Toothpick (I used a cuticle pusher thingy)


It's really quite simple...
1. First choose what you want to replace with fabric (for me it was only one pocket)
2. Place the paper above or beside the area and cut out the shape slightly bigger than it is

3. Choose what part of the fabric you want to use (I chose this totes cute floral print <3) and cut it out against the paper.

4. Compare it to your shorts/jeans pocket to see that it fits before glueing

5. Apply some super glue quickly and precisely to the top seam of the pocket and then cover with fabric

6. Use your toothpick or cuticle pusher to hold the fabric in place. If needed put some more glue on top of the fabric in the seams.7. Test that you've glued it securely at the top by pulling it gently and no gaping holes appear. If they do apply more glue at the top but don't put too much as the fabric will get hard and it will look "wet".
No Gaping

8. Once the top is secure, do the same with the side, as there is no seem it is slightly harder as you have to glue the fabric as close to the side as possible. If you have fabric left over after glueing, cut off with the scissors carefully.

9. When glueing the bottom, make sure to leave about an inch of fabric glued on the inside so when your shorts or jeans ride up it still looks believable!

10. To avoid fraying of the fabric, coat the sides with glue.


So this is my DIY ^ , what's yours?? Go on, jump on the DIY Bandwagon too ;) Leave your pictures of your DIY! It doesn't have to be clothes, it could be for household items, face masks etc. Come on give it a try before summer ends :) ! Don't forget to comment your thoughts on mine too (I've changed the settings so ANYONE can comment so go on. I dare you ;) )

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bad AND Good ? guys! I apologise for rarely being on here this past week as I was in Åland! For those of you who are not exactly sure where it is I have found a cute lil' map ->

Carrying on, today's post is about quite an odd discovery I found. I was reading loads of articles on ways to avoid 'snacking' (yes, the terrible one). I noticed that drinking a glass of water with some drops of lemon ALWAYS came up and so did drinking green tea... Now this is probably common knowledge to all of us and you're probably screaming "JUST GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!!". Yes yes. So being the smarty pants I was, I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and combine the two?! So that is what I did...

Now I'm telling you this really quenched my thirst and stopped me from snacking-- but not for the reason you may think. My initial though was that it was absolutely horrid and bitter!! Ew. I literally took one sip of this and almost gagged. Yes, it was that bad *shakes head. Then I kept on gradually sipping it, only taking in small amounts at a time... I noticed that it (how do you say it..) filled me up? I eventually finished the whole mug about an hour or two later (almost stone cold). But the whole point of it wasn't to taste good but to curb off your hunger which I think it did perfectly!

If you are interested the recipe I used/created:
- 1 teabag of green tea any brand (I used Alokozay's YUM) 
- Boiling hot water 
- 1/4 a fresh lemon
- A big mug

1. Boil the water in your kettle, whilst waiting put the teabag into the mug
2. Once the water is piping hot, pour the water into the mug directly onto the teabag (this way it gets all the tea out)
3. After, squeeze about a tablespoon (a regular one not the cooking measurement) of lemon into your tea
4. Stir and wait to cool for about 15 minutes
5. DO NOT take the teabag out until the tea is quite bitter as you want ALL the nutrients
6. Bon Appetite ;) Not.

Disclaimer: Yes it will taste quite horrible - but that is the point as you want to be only taking small sips not just gulp it in one!!!

Now I dare YOU to try this... Just give it a try to see whether this particular method will work for you... For me, I've noticed that the most efficient way to stop snacking for me, is to fill my stomach up with healthy liquids (water, green or jasmine tea)... So I hope you give this a try and why not share your wonderful or not-as-wonderful experiences below with this method, your thoughts, ideas or ways YOU curb off your hunger :)

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finding a Lip Shade!

Hey guys, I haven't been on here that much recently as I am currently in Åland :) . Right now I am currently typing this up on my phone so please forgive me if the formatting sucks >.< .

Here in the oh-so-quiet Finnish countryside, I've had lots of time to do some reflective thinking! Well... It's not very reflective but hear me out! As you all know for one of my summer aims is to find my bright-light-pight-sight lipstick shade! So I found a quick, 99% guarantee, super easy method to find one lip colour shade for your lips... 

Okay so...
1. You want to flip your lower lip over (look at the super unflattering picture if you're unclear on what to do)

2. As you can see, the area where my finger is there are about two shades... If you can find a replica of one of these shades in your local drugstore or makeup store and try it on, you will find that they will suit you perfectly! 
You will probably only find two shades that will suit you, but hey, at least it's a start!!! Of course there are other ways to find a lip shade but I've just discovered this method. I haven't seen this on the web yet and, wanted to share this with you guys!! 

If you guys would like a post or pictures on Åland, comment below! If you would also like a post on ways to find your lipstick shade also COMMENT BELOW ;) ! If you have any suggestions or thoughts or ideas for posts please comment below!! I would really appreciate this :D

Lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vat has happened?!

Hi guys! You probably have noticed that there's something wrong with my blog template design colours!!! It now looks awful and grey! But don't worry I'm working on it and hope it's going to be fixed soon! Toodles for now! Sorry for the inconvenience!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Friday, July 12, 2013

My milkshake brings all them boys to the yard ;)

Hi everyone! The title is a bit if a fun one :) if you we're singing along then props to you :D . I have to say man, this is one of my childhood songs..

So I've just invented a smoothie/yogurt! Hurrah! This is probably the first which I can say is truly my idea and what can I say.. It's Delish (delicious). I'm thinking of calling it smoosh moosh ! Anyways so this smoothie/yogurt is made up of avocados, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, Greek yogurt, and I think that's it ... 

The recipe:
- 1 avocado (if you would like it more like a yogurt and a 1/2 more)
- 1 ripe banana
- 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries
- 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries (plus extra for garnishing)
- a regular tablespoon of Greek yogurt

Chuck all the ingredients in the blender and Ta-Da!!! It can be a huge portion for one or two average sized portions ;) 

Because it has avocado, it makes it extra creamy and quite similar to yogurt! It is a great option for breakfast with muesli! It is also really healthy (full of antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins), really filling and a low GI! I am definitely going to try this again for breakfast soon!

Lots of hugs,
Littlemissarianna x

Ps. Do you guys like my new design? I love it! Comment your opinions down below :D

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I coco loco

Hey everyone! So today I'm going to be discussing a very uber delicious product! COCONUTS!!! As a kid (I still consider myself one #justsaying), I loved drinking fresh coconut juice in East Coast Park, the Hawker Centers etc. It is just so typical in Singapore :) . In Dubai, it perhaps wasn't as common as Singapore but it was still quite "normal' there. Yeah in Finland it's totally different. I can hardly find coconuts here-- we can only buy coconut products at the Oriental Vietnamese Store. But anyway, that's not the point of this post.

I've literally gone crazy for coconuts, I mean I've always loved drinking and eating it, but now I'm replacing my body, hair and face moisturizer with it -.- Yeah I know.. It's sounds a bit loco, but it actually works. No kidding :D!

I was watching one of my favourite YouTubers "cloudyapples", specifically this video >>>
Kassie always encourages you to try healthier, organic solutions to problems rather than all these toxic solutions which don't really work and can in fact damage it further! So I thought I might as well give it a go...

As I'm growing out my hair, the ends of my hair are quite dry :( . Trying to moisturizer it, I've used quite a few products from Redken and all these other posh hairdressing toxic brands. ~NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HAIR~ The past week I tried using Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hair Conditioner which I've had in my dresser for a while but never tried... OhMyGod my hair is sooooo soooo much better now. My hair feels super lush, thick, soft and most importantly healthy! 

Product: Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hair Conditioner
So how do you use it?: You apply it to your dry hair (recommended at night as it is quite greasy if you put lots of it!). I like to literally drench my hair in it before I go to bed (TIP: Place a towel over your pillow so it doesn't smell of oil!!). When you wake up, I like to take a shower and wash my hair with shampoo and a pea sized amount of normal conditioner to get rid of the extra coconut oil that hasn't been absorbed. If you don't want to drench it like I do, you can take a nickel sized amount and lightly brush it through your hair using your fingers. Try to spread it quite evenly.
So how many times a week?: I wouldn't recommend you drenching it everyday, I only do it once a fortnight to give my hair a pick me up. If you do it more than once a week, you're hair will get quite greasy!!!  If you would just like to brush it in your hair, I say do that maximum 3 times a week. If you apply it too many times without washing, it can get super oily!!! And that's a big problem.
Remember to apply it to completely dry hair! If you apply it to wet hair it is really hard to get the oil out!!! Trust me. Everyone thought I had wet hair-- nope it's just greasy coconut oil.

As I mentioned in my Weekly FavouritesCertified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Omega Nutrition is my favourite product as of now. You can use this in your hair, on your face or body. You can even EAT this! I recently replaced my night face cream with this. It's completely organic and doesn't contain toxins and other artificial fillers that moisturisers normally do! Plus, most cleansers strip all the good fatty nutrients that act as a protective barrier on your face, so it's good to use some natural oil to balance it! 

Product: Omega Nutrition's Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
So how do you use it?: After my night face wash, I pat a pea sized amount on my face instead of a moisturizer. I just use a regular moisturizer in the morning and pat a tiny tiny bit of coconut oil on my cheeks for a glowing look. For my body I apply it generously after I take a shower or before going to bed.
So how many times a week?: On your face and body I recommend AT LEAST  twice a week for that soft sexy naturally glowing skin ;) . I also make sure to always apply some coconut oil on my legs whenever I'm wearing shorts or skirts as it really makes your skin glow and adds a sun-kissed look! Plus no one wants to show off dry legs -.-" .
Remember NOT to apply TOO much coconut oil on your face in the morning as it can make your face look shiny A.K.A. greasy. Just highlight your cheekbones and pat some onto your cheeks :D . If you do accidentally put too much on, use a cotton ball and GENTLY (emphasis on gently) wipe some of the oil off.

***If you don't like the smell of coconut oil, you can also try Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Lavender Oil etc. ***

Okay so that's all for today ;) Wow I feel exhausted after sharing all this information in one go... But remember to watch the FULL VIDEO above ^^ as it's really full of information that is crucial if you want to start building a skincare routine or understanding why your skin reacts a certain way. And ALWAYS keep in mind what might be good for my skin might not be the same for you so be careful!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

My Summer Skincare Routine + Tips!

Hi everyone! So as the title suggests, this post is about My Summer Skin Care Routine! So I've seen this trending around YouTube a couple of times, but obviously I do not have a YouTube channel, therefore I'm going to blog it ;) Plus, I've added helpful hints that can really make a difference to your skin :D

So I'm going to be taking you through my routine from Morning - Night:

1. As soon as I wake up I drink a full big glass of water with a few drops of lemon in it! This does wonders for your skin and makes you feel more energized and gasp "awake". Sometimes it does get a bit hard to finish the whole glass but, try to continue taking small sips before you eat breakfast.
TIP: The best way to remember doing this is to prepare the glass the night before :). You can also add sticky note reminders on your bedroom door OR set an IPhone reminder (<- I actually do this -.-" )

2. Next I head to the bathroom and splash my face with water. This instantly wakes me up but other than that, I don't think it really makes a difference to your skin :/
TIP: When drying your face with a towel DO NOT RUB-- just GENTLY PAT DRY!!! You don't want to scrub your face off!! Seriously.

3. After I eat breakfast, I head back to the bathroom and clean my face using a proper face wash with my "SebaMed Clear Face Deep Cleansing Foam". Now this is one product that I lurrve (XD)! It completely cleanses your skin and leaves your skin fresh and matte!!! In addition it has a pump so it gives you the perfect amount of foam to use so you don't waste or have too little >.< !
TIP: You can also make things much easier for you and do this in the shower (which is what I do). But remember also use your face wash AFTER shampoo and conditioner! After using face wash, your pores are open and absorbs nutrients easier... conditioner that ends up on your face will clog your pores and you will be basically saying HELLO ZITS and ACNE! ;) But seriously, don't do it.

4. As I mentioned above, after a face wash your pores are open and absorbs nutrients much quicker! This is the perfect time to use your daily face cream! I use Rose of Bulgaria's Day Cream with natural rose extract. This is another one of my favourites... I actually bought this in Bulgaria whilst on a school football trip. I have no clue if this is being sold in Finland but I should actually find out as mine is running out :( Sometimes I do use tinted moisturiser instead but I've stopped as I think it makes my face looks so dark. Too dark IMO (in my opinion). So it's on my list of things to buy on buying a slightly lighter shade...
TIP: When applying face cream, tinted moisturizer, foundation etc. start from the center of your face and blend out. This will make your face look more even and avoid streaks or blotches which trust me you DO NOT want.

5. That is basically all I do in the morning in relation to skincare stuff. Sometimes during the day when my face is feeling sticky, oily or when I just need a wake me up, I spritz my face with a light water spray. I know Evian sells an aerosol spray but I can't find one in Finland so I have taken things in my own hands... I literally bought a small empty light gardening hand spray and filled it with water! And that is how to DIY everybody!!!
TIP: Do not use a hard spray for your face, as it can streak whatever makeup you have on and make you look like a drowned rat! Plus you should just use a few sprays!! ALSO please remember if you've used waterproof mascara first -.-"

6. For my night routine I start with taking all my makeup off with Garnier's Clean and Sensitive 2in1 Makeup remover or Clearasil's Makeup Remover Wipes (if I AM wearing makeup that day). Both these products are fantastic and I especially recommend getting Makeup Remover Wipes if you're feeling lazy at night OR it's great to carry around in case of a makeup emergency!
TIP: When using makeup remover solutions, use fluffy cotton pads or balls so you don't damage your skin by using toilet paper (eww). Also if you are removing eyeliner, use an 'ear cotton bud stick' (sorry I have no idea what it's called :/ ) as it is more accurate to use and is easier to avoid getting solution in your eye-- coz' it can really burn!

7. Now with my face free of makeup, I repeat steps number 3 and 4 (^^^). The only difference is sometimes I switch it up by using a different face wash.. but that's about it.. AND for step number 4 I use Rose of Bulgaria's Night Cream :)
TIP: No matter how tedious your skincare routine can get or is, you should always JUST DO IT (nike :P) It really does make a difference and plus when applying makeup you really want to start on a good beautiful clear canvas A.K.A. your skin ;)

Okay so that's it! I hope you found this helpful (if you did comment below! ;) ) and if you have any questions also COMMENT BELOW ;) Plus tell ME what YOUR skincare tips and tricks are!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Go-to Summer Hairstyle(s)

Hi everyone! So today I wanted to share with you all my ... go-to summer hairstyle(s <-- plural)! Basically these are the hairstyles that you can just "throw on" any time feel comfortable, yet still fabulous. They should also be quite simple to do.

So my TOP of the POP WOP hairstyle that I'm rocking right now is... A Ponytail Braid! So the first step is to make a high ponytail and secure it with a band. Next gather your hair from the ponytail, separate into 3 pieces, then braid normally! TA-DAA! Super Simple :) ! For me this is my new favourite, especially because sometimes I just can't be bothered with my long hair :/ .

Next  is a Top Knot (or high bun-- whatevs you call it). Now this is one of the (wait for it...) "IT" hairstyles of the year. Being a ballerina (lollers- it sounds so odd :P), this is normally what I did every day for school last year. If you're hair is in one of those moods and is just NOT cooperating, this is the hairstyle for you. It looks super funky and chic, matches any outfit and is sooooo easy to do. The first step is to gather up all your hair at the height you want the bun to be. Next DO NOT secure it with a band and just start twisting it out away from your head. When your hair just can't be twisted anymore, start wrapping it around the base of the twist and secure with a tight band. And THAT's IT!

My last but not least go to hairstyles for summer is just a simple Side Braid. This is possibly one of the easiest hairstyles of all time that look impressive. Bring all your hair to your desired braid side. Next seperate into 3, and start braiding normally! Secure with a small band and DONE! Now this might be slightly harder if you have layers like me, but it also looks nice 'messy' ... so just do a loose floppy braid to make your layers poke out less obvious.

Okay! So these are my three Go-to Summer Hairstyle(s)... I hope the instructions aren't that difficult to follow, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them below :) And I hope you do try them out as they are so so so easy and look gorgeous! It would be awesome if you could also comment down below what YOUR Go-to Summer Hairstyle(s) are!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Saturday, July 06, 2013

The horrible weather and other things {Thoughts}

Hey cuties! (I wanted to try a new greeting but that was kindaa awkward :/)

So this a just a incy wincy tiny post on my frustration with the weather in FInland. So in Finland (where I live right now) the summer has been prettttyyy good, if I may say so myself... But recently it's been TERRIBLE! Today it's been pouring down and there's been some thunder too! SO I'm all cooped up at home... but later tonight my family and I are going to see Despicable Me 2 which I am very excited about! 

SO that is all for now, but it would be lovely if you guys could comment below if you want to hear my thoughts about Despicable Me 2 and what the weather is like where YOU are living? 

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion with Aloe Vera Extract for Normal Skin from Garnier {REVIEW}

Garnier Body Intensive 7 days with Aloe Vera

Hi you all! I've recently purchased the 'Garnier Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion with Aloe Vera Extract for Normal Skin'. This is what it looks like: -->

Name: Intensive 7 Days Hydrating Lotion with Aloe Vera Extract for Normal Skin
Price: 6 Euros
Amount: 250ml per bottle
Bought from: Local Drugstore
Rating: 4/5

I think it is a really good moisturizer especially for it's price and quantity. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. For me, I don't like moisturizers that feel "heavy" or "sticky" on my skin. This lotion is very light but very intense in it's moisturizing (WUT? Does that even make sense?)-- which personally to me is the best of both worlds. An added plus, is that it also smells really good. It is not too strong and will not clash with your perfume! YAY! To me it's smells like ... freshness and sunshine >.< . There is also a very small hint of an Aloe Vera smell.. At least I think that's what Aloe Vera smells like...

One thing I do not like about this product however is that there's a bit off... how should I say this... UHM "false advertising". The series is called Intensive 7 Days, it (the lotions) will still be felt up to 7 days after your last application.** ... Yeah yeah whatever. I do agree that it IS long lasting, however it doesn't last up to 7 days. (0.o) You will have to apply it again every time you take a shower. Testing it myself, it has lasted about 1-2 days maximum. Then my skin just feels dry again.

Overall, I found that this product was great value for money and will definitely keep using this lotion!! I would also recommend this to you guys as 1. It's cheap and 2. It works really well 3. All the reasons I've listed above ;)

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Is knowing your face shape that important?

Hi everyone! This past month (or two) I have gotten quite obsessed with knowing my face shape. I took loads of quizzes, tracing my face on a mirror, measuring my face with a tape and even taking a photo scanning face shape detector online (-.-)" !!! I have thought myself to be a square, inverted triangle, oblong and even a circle shape! Every quiz was saying something different which just made me annoyed and even more determined to find out what my face shape was! Yesterday I had a sleepover with my girlies (yes, if you're reading this, you are my "girlies") where I was sharing my frustration about not knowing my face shape. After quite some time analyzing our faces (very awkward might I add) we concluded that I had an oval face. FINALLY (>.<) These are some helpful pictures and quizzes (is it even considered a quiz?) that eventually helped me identify my face shape: 

Now after finally discovering what it was (it was an oval), I realised that it actually didn't make a difference at all. Of course there are some helpful Do's and Don'ts but at the end of the day... it doesn't matter! Everyone's face is different and unique and most importantly beautiful! As much as I wanted to have a heart-shaped face-- I didn't have one. And you know what, I was okay with it. I'm proud of who I am and what I look like.

In life you sometimes just have to take a plunge. Knowing your face shape can really stop you from being a risk taker. Don't avoid getting that pixie cut you really really want just because some stupid website said so. Get a haircut that YOU actually like rather than one a website recommended. Do you think Victoria Beckham knew that the pob would look good on her? Of course not. But she still took the gamble. You will never know for sure what does (and doesn't) look good on you if you don't take the risk and actually get it.  And remember, hair grows!!! It's even simpler with your glasses shape, hat shape etc. You can try on as much frames, structures and shapes as you want in the shop without having to purchase it!

Ultimately what I'm trying to say is that yeah sure it's nice to know what your face shape, eye shape etc. is but it really doesn't matter. You should just embrace what you've got and make the most of it! And don't forget to just take that plunge.... What's life without a little risk?

lot's of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Monday, July 01, 2013

What's in my Bag {TAG}

Okie Dokies! So I've seen numerous tags circling around YouTube but this one in particular stood out to me... Of course it has to be the "What's in my Bag TAG". A handbag is one of woman's most private and secretive items and is an extension of who you are!!!

So my bag that I am currently obsessed with is Coach's leather sling messenger bag. It's no longer retailed and was given to me by my Mum (thank you Mum!). I love the colour, shape and size of it! It's slim shape is practical and fits all my necessities. Also it's versatile leather brown colour easily suits every outfit I wear and is painlessly simple to accessorize with :)

So in the first compartment I keep my keys, headphones from Mac !Style, sunnies from H&M, a Twist-Up Gloss Stick in To Lovely Lavender from Isadora, a Shiny Lipgloss Pot in Strawberry from GinaTricot and a Tuscan Soul Lip Balm from Salvatorre Ferragamo. 

In the main compartment, I have my Clutch Wallet in Ombre Plum from (not quite sure) (-,-)", my clear glasses case where I keep my glasses/spectacles when I'm wearing contacts from my opticians and a bunch of scrunchies from Diva and Centrepoint, my Tinted Moisturizer in SPF 15 Tint 2 from Lumene, a Hand Cream in Rose from Cath Kidstone and finally a Roll-On Deodorant in Tropical Power from Rexona! 

So that is all that's in my bag this summer and please comment your thoughts about these items, your opinions on them and any questions you have!!! Also feel free to comment about topic ideas, reviews or tags that YOU want me to write about next!!!

a thousand hugs,
littlemissarianna x