Saturday, November 23, 2013

Snapshots of Helsinki

Hi guys :) 
i took some pictures with a pretty bad camera.
Whilst i was waiting for the bus.
i was looking for some inspiration.
i also wondered how did Helsinki look through a lens or someone else's eyes.
i wanted to share how Helsinki looked.
When it is cold and busy.

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The case of Bad Highlights (TBH) + Alternatives to Dyeing hair

Hiya! So as you have probably seen from my photos, I have blonde highlights. My natural hair colour is coffee brown, almost exactly like espresso- without milk :) . Try to imagine your hair colour in edible items >.< so kawaII! As my highlights were more of a "summer" thing, I got sick of them. Fast. I've been researching on ways you can get rid off highlights. I found three methods.

1. Dye your hair all one colour. uhm damaging damaging damaging!

2. Strip away all the colour from your hair (doesn't work for bleaching)!

3. Colour mask your hair! This tints it slightly and boosts it to the colour you mask it!

I considered all three options, but in the end chose 3. I shied away from the first, because I wanted to avoid further damage to my hair and wanted a look that was not high maintenance. I did consider dying my hair its original colour but thought against it. Finding your exact shade from a bottle is quite impossible and 99% of the time, it is a different shade. When it will eventually grow out, your roots will look horrid. Next option 2 would simply not work for me, because I did bleach my hair. Also the method of soaking your hair in acids didn't appeal to me very much.... I wonder why. *facepalm.

Funny enough, I found out about "masking" your hair, when I was browsing Stockmann (Finland's Gallerie Lafayette's or Marks and Spencer or Esetan for my international folks) when I found out about this WHOLE NEW WORLD (sings the song dramatically in about 3 octaves lower).

The brand I used was KC PROFESSIONAL Colour Mask in Cacao. Basically it is a "Tinting and Reconstructive Treatment for Color Treated Hair". It brightens and adds life to your original hair colour (whether real or "fake") whilst deeply conditioning it. If theres one reason you should try this product if that it makes your hair feel HEAVEN. LY. I'm serious. My hair feels soooo soft and smooth. Below I've copy and pasted (guilt as charged) the tint that's suited for you depending on the colour you want and your hair colour. But that no way means you have to follow it. If you want a tint of ginger to your hair, go ahead girl use curry! And may I just say how awesome the name curry is? I mean girl, its v. v. cool.

Cacao: For brown hair
Coffee: For dark brown and black hair
Honey: For blond hair
Silver: For blond and grey hair
Curry: For intense copper hair
Pepper: For red hair
Plum: For violet and cool toned red hair
Mandarin: For warm blond hair
Caramel: For blond and light brown hair
Latte: For light and light brown hair
Vanilla: For light hair
Toffee:For light brown hair
Black: For dark brown and black hair

So I bought the colour Cacao as I wanted to darken my highlights and even out my hair (which had about 3 different dyes in it from previous years). And it did even out my hair tremendously and darken the highlights! My hair is all around espresso colour now with toffee coloured highlights :) . I mean I'm a walking dessert baby ;) . Lol.

I've inserted a couple of dodgy pics on my new hair. Despite my hair being a mess and quite greasy, I hope you can see the colour well. I really like it. >.< a lot. And as you can see on the second pic, I have a fringe now :) A small one.

lots of hugs,

ps. I know, i know I've been quite irregular with my posts and it's suppossed to be on the weekend. But things do get in the way. And I'm working on it :) Please be patient.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Makeup for Sports

Hi y'all!

Sorry for the super long wait, I've been really busy with school work and hardcore training for a football (soccer) tournament in Serbia. Which BTW we came 3rd place in!! So as I was packing I had a dilemma of what makeup to bring. Obviously as I was going on a sports trip, I wouldn't need much, but where do you find that happy medium?

Waterproof mascara FTW! I wore normal mascara and I seriously regret it. There were moments where all I wanted to do was drench my face in cold water (it was boiling!) but couldn't, in fear of smudging my mascara.

Avoid foundation! I didn't wear foundation (and don't ever) so it didn't make a difference to me but some girls did. Frankly it was quite embarrassing to see them wipe their face and smears of beige came off :/. Opt for a BB Cream (like me!!).

Do use SPF! Honestly, it depends the time of your visit and wether you're playing outdoors.. but a bit of SPF never hurt anybody..

You can wear eyeshadow! For our team spirit, all the girls wore bright blue eyeshadow and it did look amazing. However, don't forget to use a primer because it WILL melt right off. Otherwise I had no problems... you just have to be willing to apply it more than once.

Eyeliner over Eyeshadow tho! If you want a pop of colour I would recommend using eyeliner instead.. In my opinion it's so low maintenance compared to eyeshadow! On the type of eyeliner, I would recommend liquid...

No need for blush! You are going to be exercising and your cheeks should naturally get pink anyways! Blush will just make you look like a tomato!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x