Monday, November 11, 2013

Makeup for Sports

Hi y'all!

Sorry for the super long wait, I've been really busy with school work and hardcore training for a football (soccer) tournament in Serbia. Which BTW we came 3rd place in!! So as I was packing I had a dilemma of what makeup to bring. Obviously as I was going on a sports trip, I wouldn't need much, but where do you find that happy medium?

Waterproof mascara FTW! I wore normal mascara and I seriously regret it. There were moments where all I wanted to do was drench my face in cold water (it was boiling!) but couldn't, in fear of smudging my mascara.

Avoid foundation! I didn't wear foundation (and don't ever) so it didn't make a difference to me but some girls did. Frankly it was quite embarrassing to see them wipe their face and smears of beige came off :/. Opt for a BB Cream (like me!!).

Do use SPF! Honestly, it depends the time of your visit and wether you're playing outdoors.. but a bit of SPF never hurt anybody..

You can wear eyeshadow! For our team spirit, all the girls wore bright blue eyeshadow and it did look amazing. However, don't forget to use a primer because it WILL melt right off. Otherwise I had no problems... you just have to be willing to apply it more than once.

Eyeliner over Eyeshadow tho! If you want a pop of colour I would recommend using eyeliner instead.. In my opinion it's so low maintenance compared to eyeshadow! On the type of eyeliner, I would recommend liquid...

No need for blush! You are going to be exercising and your cheeks should naturally get pink anyways! Blush will just make you look like a tomato!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

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