Sunday, September 29, 2013

Autumn Rules

Okay so it's autumn. Slightly colder than summer, slightly warmer than winter. These are a few "rules" I follow, that keep me energised and help my skin!

Rule 1: Don't be afraid to wash your face.
No this sounds like a pretty obvious step but some girls do not do this! This is like the basics.. If you do want to develop a good foundation (not the makeup but like the base of a structure) for your skin, you need to wash your face. It cleans your pores, takes of dead skin cells and overall makes your face look fresher! I use Seba Med's foaming face wash and I personally really like it. It keeps your skin to it's natural PH level (which is 5.5 by the way if you didn't know)... And I'm not saying to go out and buy this as everyone's skin is different but this is what works for me. It will take lots of trial and error and spending money to find out this so dont worry if you havent found the perfect one for you yet!

Rule 2: Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturiseeeee.
Where I live (the north pole-- no just Finland) it does get quite dry so make sure to bring lotion with you everywhere! In my school bag I always have a body lotion and a thick Cath Kidston hand cream (which is divine *swoon) and a Vitalis (this is a traditional finnish lip balm thingy..)

Rule 3: Bottoms Up.
Okay so now that its starting to get colder, I drink water and tea. A LOT. Previously I only drank Jasmine or Green Tea but I found others which I enjoy! Hashtag #Proud. (<this is an ongoing joke with me and my brothers). Tea keeps me really warm and is healthy for you (well the ones I drink anyway..). Drinking hot drinks (sounds repetitive ugh) keeps you warm and rehydrated. Drink lots of fluids will help keep your skin clear and you healthy! Ooh. I forgot HOT CHOCOLATE! This is the right season to start!

Rule 4: Don't die cold-- Layer!
Lots of people (uhm girls) really don't dress warm. I understand some people have a low temperature threshold however seriously?! I feel like shouting, "You CAN look good and be warm girls". Thats how annoyed I get. -.-!!! Autumn, specifically september is flu season. 75% of you will get sick. And you won't wanna die cold. Layer Layer is my rule. Wear a tank top underneath your shirts, or a sweater, then a jumper, then a coat! Honestly you can pull it off! You feel and look amazing!

Rule 5: Play with the leaves!
This is my favourite season, especially because you can play with leaves. Figuratively speaking of course. You can seriously play for 5 hours without looking like a hot mess( = you won't sweat like a pig!). Lol. But seriously, have fun. Regardless of the season, its always nice to let your hair down and relax or go play. Age is not an excuse! Seriously, this year I have stopped caring what anyone thinks and just began to enjoy myself, enjoy life.

Lots of hugs + hot chocolate,

ps. So sorry this post is bleurgh. I don't why it didn't feel "right".

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