Sunday, July 28, 2013

4 School Outfit Rules Every Girl Should Follow

Hi guys!

So as we all know, summer is ending  and school will be starting again :( . As much as I dread this time of the year, I'm also quite excited to find out if any new students are coming this year! My school starts in about a week and a half, which might seem like a long time but will be gone before you know it. This post will be showing some basic school outfit ideas...

The schools in Finland don't have uniforms and there are only a few dress code rules:
1. You can't expose your midriff
2. No hats indoors
3. Your skirt/shorts/pants must be longer than where your arms are straight down.
4. Your top must be thicker than three fingers (aka no spaghetti straps)

So those are basically are my schools dress code rules and I know some other schools which have even LESS rules!

So my first tip is to be comfortable. Trust me. I've had those days where I'm dressed to a T in these massive heels or a top that needs to be adjusted about every 5 seconds. It ain't fun *shakes head. But that doesn't mean you can't be comfortable and look like a million bucks! Sometimes you just need to compromise, for example I have this adorable bunny collared crop top that looks amazing, but I play it down slightly by wearing super dark denim jeans. SO I look good AND feel good. Most importantly, your shoes should be comfortable as you will be walking about all day!!

My second tip is PLEASE follow the 2 week rule! For those who do not know, the rule is basically not to repeat wearing the same clothes within two weeks. It's a preettyy simple rule huh? But why does hardly anyone follow it? Just to clarify, this doesn't apply to accessories, jeans, leggings and outerwear as we girls don't necessarily have a Carrie Bradshaw sized wardrobe (I wish!!). I have to admit this is one of my MAJOR pet peeves. Okay I can make an exception if it's been a week, but puhlease don't wear the very next day. Some boys in my grade actually do this and I find this disgusting knowing me, I'll probably rant and lecture and moan about it throughout the whole day. Trust me you don't want that.

My third tip is more of an etiquette rule, don't diss or criticise your friends clothes. I've been on the end of this one and 1. I really don't care or giving a flying fudge what you think and 2. it gets annoying very fast. I know how easy it is to just criticise someone's appearance but please do not share your opinion if you really can't find anything nice to say. Of course, if it was my bestie asking I'd probably tell her the truth but the basic rule of the thumb is, if no one asks don't tell. A good comeback if someone is critiquing your appearance is "Exactly why I'm wearing it, not you (and then give the -.- face)".

My fourth tip is don't stress over it. Yes it doesn't hurt to look good but at the end of the day school is not a fashion show (this is the line I say to about every girl in my grade -.-"). There is no FASHION POLICE in your school, and if there is then how shallow are they?! We're in school to LEARN not to obsess over each others clothes!!!

I hope I wasn't too harsh in some of my expressions **pulls a face. So these are my four rules on outfits in school. Comment below if you agree or disagree. I welcome all thoughts and opinions :) Also, I'm in the midst of writing my 5 Summer Aim Conclusions! So comment below if you're excited to see whether I did complete all my aims!!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

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