Saturday, July 27, 2013

July Wishing

Hi everyone!

Am I the only one who creates a shopping wish list? Because recently it seems that I just want to buy soo many things and just don't want to spend that much :((( . I'm a teenager- I don't have a massive bank account! I'm not the kind of person that will just buy, buy, buy with my parents money because 1. My parents won't let me and 2. I want to be independent! Plus I have already spent about 2 (or 3) montly allowances on my summer shopping spree >.< ... the truth certainly does hurt (my bank account).

So I thought I would post some of the items that I've been wishing for on here! I made my first Polyvore-- and I have to say it looks prreeetttyy cute ;) . I don't have loads of stuff on my list, however most of the stuff I would like are pricey...

1. Delia's Midkini & Banded Hipster
The midkini is one of the recent fashion obsessions which I've been lusting over <3 .  I would never boustier's as I would be so self-conscious, but I'd make an exception for the beach ;) . I love this one with a floral print from Delia's. Unfortunately the shops in Finland don't really sell these (and if they do, look tacky and just ugh). Price: $29.50 USD (on sale)

2. Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara
Now I've recently gone 'au natural' for the whole of July. Whilst I have been lounging in my makeup free face, I've done quite a lot of research online on beauty products, their harms and benefits, which convinced me to change my beauty routine to be more organic and natural. It's quite ironic as before summer I purchase two tubes of mascara from Maybeline and Rimmel **hits head against wall. This mascars is 100% Organic, is good for your lashes and is affordable! **hits head again. But, I don't particularly need this hence it's on my wish list. Price: $9.95 USD

3. American Apparel's Medium Wash High-Waist Jean Cuff Short
Now we've all seen the pictures Miley, Kendall, Kylie and more wearing these fabulous babies. They just look uber cute and comfy. Plus I currently don't have a pair of high waisted or light wash shorts. I know I know, I'm coming in a little too late on this trend, but this is one item everyone needs for summer! Price: a whopping $58 USD!!!
4. Vaseline's Spray & Go
I love moisturizers but sometimes the hassle of putting them on is just too tiring. I've been lusting over this as soon as it came out. I'm pretty sure it's available in Finland, I just have to figure out where ;) . I think this product makes it easy to have beautiful skin in a short amount of time! Furthermore, they have three different scents so far to keep everyone's taste satisfied! :) Price: $7.59 USD

5. Loafers!
I don't have a specific brand of these in mind, but I have seen a couple from Cotton On which I like! My mum has a couple but her feet are 3 sizes bigger than mine. No she doesn't have giant feet-- mine are just tiny (35 eu or 2 1/2 uk). I think they're super comfortable and can match just about anything! Plus they are perfect for the upcoming autumn months! Price: n/a

6. Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine in Flirt or Liberte
Aren't these just beautiful? I'm in love. As you all know I've been trying to find my lipstick shade which I just love and is suitable to wear everyday. I was trying these on in the ferry I took to Aland, and they're just magnificent. Of course, it's CHANEL! If someone got me these, I would be eternally grateful #justsaying #hinthint .

7. Ted Baker Purse
Last but not least are the Ted Baker purses. now I've had my eye on these since winter. I love the twist jewels at the top and Ted's pastel colour collection. If I were to buy one I would get the Patent Matinee Purse in Light Pink (which has a pastel green lining). They are to die for-- look and price wise. Price: A hefty £75 GBP (too much for a teen like me)

So these are some of the drool worthy items I've been lusting over, what are yours? Comment them down below along with your opinions on these products! If you enjoy my posts, please subscribe!

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

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