Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bad AND Good ? guys! I apologise for rarely being on here this past week as I was in Åland! For those of you who are not exactly sure where it is I have found a cute lil' map ->

Carrying on, today's post is about quite an odd discovery I found. I was reading loads of articles on ways to avoid 'snacking' (yes, the terrible one). I noticed that drinking a glass of water with some drops of lemon ALWAYS came up and so did drinking green tea... Now this is probably common knowledge to all of us and you're probably screaming "JUST GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!!". Yes yes. So being the smarty pants I was, I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and combine the two?! So that is what I did...

Now I'm telling you this really quenched my thirst and stopped me from snacking-- but not for the reason you may think. My initial though was that it was absolutely horrid and bitter!! Ew. I literally took one sip of this and almost gagged. Yes, it was that bad *shakes head. Then I kept on gradually sipping it, only taking in small amounts at a time... I noticed that it (how do you say it..) filled me up? I eventually finished the whole mug about an hour or two later (almost stone cold). But the whole point of it wasn't to taste good but to curb off your hunger which I think it did perfectly!

If you are interested the recipe I used/created:
- 1 teabag of green tea any brand (I used Alokozay's YUM) 
- Boiling hot water 
- 1/4 a fresh lemon
- A big mug

1. Boil the water in your kettle, whilst waiting put the teabag into the mug
2. Once the water is piping hot, pour the water into the mug directly onto the teabag (this way it gets all the tea out)
3. After, squeeze about a tablespoon (a regular one not the cooking measurement) of lemon into your tea
4. Stir and wait to cool for about 15 minutes
5. DO NOT take the teabag out until the tea is quite bitter as you want ALL the nutrients
6. Bon Appetite ;) Not.

Disclaimer: Yes it will taste quite horrible - but that is the point as you want to be only taking small sips not just gulp it in one!!!

Now I dare YOU to try this... Just give it a try to see whether this particular method will work for you... For me, I've noticed that the most efficient way to stop snacking for me, is to fill my stomach up with healthy liquids (water, green or jasmine tea)... So I hope you give this a try and why not share your wonderful or not-as-wonderful experiences below with this method, your thoughts, ideas or ways YOU curb off your hunger :)

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

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