Sunday, December 15, 2013

{Review} Body Shop's Chocomania Scrub

Hey y'all! My christmas break starts this week and I'm so excited! Plus it might mean more updates?? Hopefully. I'm staying here in Finland as some family friends are visiting but I don't mind as it's starting to snow!! Yeah about that, what's up with snow this year? It's snowing in Palestine/Israel but not in Helsinki?? Global Warming is taking it's toll hey..

So the product I'm reviewing is called Chocomania Exfoliant Corporel Body Scrub. It comes in a tub and looks like this >>>

It smells heavenly and is an exact replica of chocolate! It's quite textured as it is in fact a scrub.. I have some pictures below and you can really see how thick it is. 

I applied a small sample on my face and would not recommend any more than that. As it is quite thick it can feel heavy on your face. Yes I'm aware it is called a "body" scrub, however I wanted to fully exfoliate my face and my Vitamin E Scrub from Body Shop was not that effective.

I left it on for about 2 minutes max and meanwhile gently rubbed my face. When I washed it off my face was soooooo soooo soft. I'm not exaggerating! It really felt .. as soft as a baby's bottom (?)! Is that weird? Do people say that anymore? Anyways..

My face felt clean but moisturised. I didn't have to use an additional face cream because the chocolate kept my face moist. 

I recently subscribed to body shop and recieved lots of free samples. I'm not exactly sure if you can buy it in this 50oz tub, but it is definitely sold in stores! (I researched) and it is €18.90 for a 200ml tub. Which is quite expensive really... Did y'all notice that Body Shop has become really expensive? I remember a couple (or more) years ago it was 

My final thoughts is that I really enjoy this product as it does work and smells heavenly. I couldn't use this everyday as it is quite heavy and demanding on your skin, however it is great for a treat once in a while.

lots of love, 
littlemissarianna x

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