Friday, December 06, 2013

What to Wear in Winter: News Edition

Hi guys, so I'm cheating this week. I have four assessments due this weekend so I didn't have time to write a totally awesome post... But I decided why not share a post me and my friend wrote for my School Online Newspaper! Hope you enjoy!

All the useful tips on dressing warm and cozy for Winter!
Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons but can get a little chilly– or alot in Finland! It’s important not to compromise on keeping warm whilst still looking good! Arianna and Nandi have gathered the most important tips and basics which are crucial for survival in winter ;) Girls and boys, get ready to take notes!
Tip 1: Always wear a jacket! We hope that this tip is self explanatory!
Tip 2: Tube scarfs for girls! There is a reason this trend is popular amongst Finnish teenage girls. It has a no hassle design and is available in many colour and patterns! Plus it keeps you warm!
Tip 3: Do not wear sneakers! They might look cool, but they do not keep your feet warm at all (unless they are fur lined..). Additionally the snow will drench them and you will freeze. Another disadvantage is that the do not have much grip so there is a high possibility you will slip!
Tip 4: Wear “Pippot’s” or Ear-muffs! We simply don’t understand how people’s ears don’t freeze without wearing either of these! They are a must in everyone’s closet. There are a variety of designs so you’re fashion will not be compromised.. We find ear-muffs are the most practical for keeping your ears warm and not messing up your hair!
Tip 5: Gloves! An essential not to be forgotten! Ok guys honestly, without gloves your hands will be as cold as a ice and fashion is definitely not an excuse. Hey, you can buy gloves that look amazingly cute with your outfit and keep your hand super warm. So leaving the house without these essentials, NOT a good idea!
Tip 6: Reflectors- a lifesaver! In a country like Finland where the sun barely comes out , reflectors are something you cannot leave the house without. A small thing like that can save our lives this winter, plus you can get them in many cute shapes and sizes. For all those who didn’t, taking those ISH reflectors might have been a  good idea.
So these were all our winter wear tips for enjoying this weather without getting frozen. Fashionable and fun, these are some must haves you can’t leave the house without! If you have any more tips, comment below and share your ideas with us.

How did you like it? DO I write any differently? I don't think I do... Comment what you think down below!
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