Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is it too late to start anew?

Hey guys,

I'm finally on here. It's been a while. To be honest part of the reason why I've been off so far is because I'm not sure wether i would like to continue this blog. I feel disconnected to it, almost shallow. I feel that I can no longer say, yeah this is my blog and it reflects me. Because if I'm honest it doesn't. But can any one things reflect a person? A person has so many dimensions, layers can it all be expressed?

After much thought I've decided that yes, i do want to continue blogging. However I am not continuing this blog. Hours and hours of reflecting and digging into my mind made me realise that I want to start another blog that I feel can reflect me truthfully {not that I'm not being truthful now}, I feel like I have changed as a person and want to incorporate that into my blog. Start afresh.

When I do start my other blog, I hope you'll be curious enough to find what I've done with it.

Other than that, I would like to thank all of you for reading and supporting me so far. you can only have a fraction of an idea of how much it means to me

xxx arianna

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