Sunday, August 04, 2013

What Happened to My 5 Aims?

Hey guys! 

 So this is the follow-up or conclusion to my first ever blog post, My 5 Aims of Summer TAG!!! Yayy! My summer ends in what.. 2 days??! It's gone by too fast; it seems every year it goes by faster and faster! Anyways, this is how I achieved or tried to achieve my aims and how it went ;)  

AIM 1- Start and maintain a blog
I feel I should ask you guys if you think I've achieved this. So as you can all see, I have started my blog and personally I think I have maintained it pretttttyy well :) what do you guys think? My only thoughts (not really a conflict) on this blog is about what genre I want to focus on. I was thinking about beauty or fashion but I don't only want to be limited to that... So right now I have stuck with a mix of everything >.< 
AIM 2- Find my perfect lipstick/lip gloss shade
Yes I did find some pretty amazing lipstick/lipgloss shades :). I found 3 in particular that I liked: 69 FLIRT from Chanel46 LIBERTÉ from ChanelDusty Rose from Avon and Orchid from Avon. The two lipsticks from Chanel are both playful, fun and oh-so-gorgeous and lets just say they are both on my wishlist!!! The lipstick Dusty Rose, I actually found by raiding my Mum's makeup dresser >.< (guilty as charged). unfortunately it's been discontinued so I cannot link it here... 
However it's a lovely shiny sheer cinnamony/brick-red/pink if that makes sense? It's similar to Soft Sienna and Sunset Peach from Body Shop but it is more reddish (pictures down below). Orchid is this lovely berry colour which I found when I was trying lipsticks on online >.<(yes I was THAT desperate). I noticed because of my Olive skin the best lip colours are berries, mauves and corals! Especially shades with gold or bronze undertones :)

AIM 3- Go roller blading
Now this is one of the aims that I completed first and was quite catastrophic (is that a word?)! First I couldn't find my roller blades and tipped the house upside down trying to find it. When I eventually found them and popped them on, I discovered that I wasn't as "skilled" as I remembered.. Let's just say I won't be roller blading any time soon.

AIM 4- Sticking to the Blogilates beginners exercise calender
Now I haven't really accomplished this. **Runs and hides behind the corner.. I'm sorry *cries. The beginning of the month was awful I have to admit, I was hardly doing exercise because I was too lazy or tired. However after the 17th I became really motivated and was skipping rope regularly, doing pushups, situps etc. you name it, I did it (not in that way you dirty people ;) ). I haven't been sticking to the beginners calender but I have actually formulated a calender especially for me to follow :D If you are curious, comment below and I'll write a post on it ;)

Aim 5- Go lake swimming
Now this was my favourite aim to complete :) I went lake swimming whilst on holiday in Aland and multiple times in (....). The first time I actually went lake swimming was when we went rowing and canoeing in a lake behind our cabin. The weather was perfect and personally the temperature of the water didn't bother me as I'm a fan of swimming in cold water... The second, third, fourth, fifth time me and my bestie were just hanging out at her Summer Cottage which was soo fun :) I had a really great time and was just nice jumpier off her pier etc.

So I did completely 4 out of my 5 aims which I'm quite proud of :) I'm quite curious to see what my 5 aims are going to be next year... Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading about this and how did you think I did? Comment your thoughts below :)

lots of hugs,
littlemissarianna x

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