Sunday, August 25, 2013

More apologies.. Seriously + Life Update

Hey guys!

Now I'm seriously embarrassed as I haven't updated in about 2 weeks. I have been reminding myself to write however there's so much going on with school etc. I know thats no excuse but I feel like I owe you guys an explanation...

So this is a list I made of some semi-interesting things that have happened to me in these two weeks!
1. In schools, this year for all "high-schoolers" (this means grade 9 to grade 12) we receive a macbook air! So far it's been pretty awesome and I've been using a variety of different apps on here so I might just have a post on that!

2. I've moved up in my ballet group-- and it is Hard with a capital H. There are girls who are just amazing and dance so well. I have to admit it's challenging and difficult, but that's how you improve right? However it's been super fun and I have enjoyed every lesson so far :)

3. This point is not really that interesting and definitely not "fun" but is how I've been spending most of my time. The students enemy. Homework. -.-" . Yes, suddenly because we're in "high school", teachers are using this excuse as to why they can overload us with homework. I received at least homework from half of the classes I attend in a day. Trés ennuyeux (annoying-- for all you english speakers ;) ).

4. This is another point related to school-- but I'm sorry I'm a teen, our lives basically revolve around school. #truefactoflife . Anyways, I might have mentioned this before (I'm not sure) but as a "high schooler" we get off-campus privileges. And I have to say it's such a great thing. An escape from the crappy school lunch!! I'm a regular at Subway, been to Arnold's a couple of times and even went to Hanko Sushi twice! I mean come on, life doesn't get any better than this right? But, I do try to eat home lunch at least once or twice a week as eating out can't be that healthy. I wanna see how much weight some of my classmates gain at the end of the year. I mean Mc Donald's everyday??! Classy (not). And what's rubbish is that Mc Donald's is more expensive then subway. Common sense people. Common sense.

5. Okay so my mum's birthday was on the 23rd and we've just recently celebrated that! I bought her this collection of fun scribble notebooks. And my description is awful (<<) but it's seriously v. v. cool. For example theres one page where you fill it with apple stickers and another where you punch a hole through the pages. It's a fun way to spend your time and is slightly similar to scrapbooking. I can't remember the name of the collection of the top of my head. But I will come back and post a link here: __________. I also baked this lovely Almond lemon and orange drizzle cake. It is seriously delicious and addictive. It tastes amazing and I'm being modest here guys. I followed this recipe. I reduced the sugar amounts by more than half (as I always do) because some recipes are just sickly sweet and make me want to vomit. Harsh but true... It's vegetarian, gluten free and super simple to make! Its basically chucking everything into a bowl and mixing it with a wooden spoon.

So these are some of the semi-interesting (more to the boring side) things I've been occupied with. I'll try to update once a week and we'll see how that goes :) . Please be patient as I'm trying to juggle everything around and it's bound to get messy sometime or the other!

lots of hugs,

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